Liminal Takes, Arte Contemporáneo Latinoamericano

How can we define Contemporary Latin American art if the conditions of its production are in constant oscillation?

Artists located at the crossroads between cultures find themselves in a state that cannot be defined by either their origin point or their present location, an “in-between” state that gives them perspective on those spaces and cultures which they only partially inhabit. The exhibition Liminal Takes presents the work of Latino-based or –born artists in an “in-between” state, a middle point in which artists produce outside their home countries and inside the American continent, blurring the boundaries of geography and culture. Liminal Takes –Arte Contemporáneo Latinoamericano displays the work of fifteen artists from Mexico, Costa Rica, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Brazil/Portugal, Peru, Croatia, and France whose work shows stimulating modes of production that incorporate the materials of popular culture, craftwork, and fashion in discourses that touch upon cultural identity. The show takes place in the Mission District of San Francisco Bay Area, an in-between spot of cross cultural exchange between the US and Latin America. Aside from preconceived “Latino art” concepts, the show proposes an approach to contemporary Latino art away from fixed folklorist associations. Liminal Takes, as a series of nomadic exhibitions and events, functions as a cultural thermometer for contemporary Latino art that reaches audiences throughout the Bay Area and beyond.

Exhibitions curated by Frida Cano, a Fundación / Colección Jumex scholar and Recipient of the Program Beca para Estudios en el Extranjero 2010-2011 del Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes

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