About me

In Italy, 2012. Photo by Mick Lorusso

As an emerging Mexican artist and curator, focused on the reevaluation of history and culture through the historically silenced voices, it has been my concern to truly communicate the social issues of our times, with all their violence and beauty, in hopes of changing the world from within. In contemporary art and curatorial endeavors, I aim to witness and creatively analyze social realities in order to find the creative pulse beyond everyday routine. I believe curators, in tandem with artists and critics, can bring circulating and hidden ideas to light, to capture the Zeitgeist. As a curator, an artist, and a scholar, I ask if Latin American and Indigenous artists’ reevaluation of failure could be an answer to the long list of crashes, disappointments, and bankruptcies –the so-called “unsuccessful” events– that have characterized our culture’s history. Latin Americans as well as Indigenous peoples have developed powerful ways of dealing with this chaos. Through laughter, love, irony, crying, and storytelling, we open and cure our wounds and reassemble the broken pieces in creative ways. As a cultural producer, I would like to show how contemporary Latin American and Indigenous artists employ these inherited strategies in artwork that has relevance for a world dealing with crisis.

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