In Colima, Mexico, 2011. Photo by Luis Manuel Cardenas Martinez

During the past few years, I have worked on a project called Self-Portrait of Influences. This set of works, whether artworks, exhibitions or events, gives me the chance to activate a dialog between different places and their people. I am interested in playing with the collective imagery in order to produce other images that alter mythical spaces and cultural stereotypes.

As an artist, I know that in focusing my research on museums and exhibitions, I am able to expand and enrich my fascination with the places where the collective imagery of culture is produced, displayed, and stored. My experience in curatorial work, critical reviews, and museum studies has given me the chance to develop a different perspective on creative work beyond the limits of a specific medium. Human assets are the key elements in the production of my work, and this motivates me to create intersections between art and everyday life. As a result, my artistic objective is to encourage dialog between various people and ideas, which can detonate real and useful possibilities for change that arise from within, whether it be inside an institution or an individual.

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  1. …hola ya pude entrar aquí…felicidades y me dá mucho gusto y me siento honrado por el crédito…de una profesional como tú siempre es gratificante escuchar comentarios…te enviaré la historia de la foto de canon…no es una gran historia pero existe una al menos…xo

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