Currículum oculto en La Esmeralda

Autorretrato de influencias en negativo
Investigación documental del currículum oculto en La Esmeralda
Proyecto de titulación / Thesis project
Tutors: Mariana Gruener and Aurora Noreña

Through an intense period of research within the community of the art school ENPEG La Esmeralda, I compiled this self-portrait of influences. As an art student, I encountered myself in my multiple alter egos, that is, in my colleagues, friends, professors and enemies. Utilizing photos and texts to document the daily movements of the ENPEG students (both inside the school and outside the school), I thought about the meaning of art during a period of creative learning. Describing my context is describing myself situated there, and that is why the self-portrait is about influences and not just in a literal sense. This thesis project is the first and only project that was failed in the history of La Esmeralda.

Chapter 0: An introduction of the thesis project, stating goals and methodologies, such as the hidden curricula, cannibalism, and myth vs reality within the context of La Esmeralda.

FRIDA CANO-0 Presentacion Autorretrato de influencias

Chapter 1: Focuses on a description of La Esmeralda from an outside perspective, and analyses what aspiring students say about the school in relationship to what really happens once one becomes a student there.

FRIDA CANO-1 Autorretrato de influencias

Chapter 2: Analyses the type of learning one gets in La Esmeralda. This chapter also gives an insightful analysis of the artistic education in Mexico, and places the ENPEG within such a harsh reality.

FRIDA CANO-2 Autorretrato de influencias

Chapter 3: Focuses on the human assets of an art school – friends, colleges, and «frenemies». It analyses how relationships work -or don’t work- while being an art student.

FRIDA CANO-3 Autorretrato de influencias

Chapter 4: The ego of the art student / aspiring artist is the central topic of this chapter. The art-ego is analyzed in earlier stages of the artist career, as well as the pros and cons of developing it while being an art student.

FRIDA CANO-4 Autorretrato de influencias

Chapter 5: The dichotomy between legitimization and money for an art student is central to this chapter. A main path (what I called mainsdream, instead of mainstream) is what the art student experiences during this phase.

FRIDA CANO-5 Autorretrato de influencias

Chapter 6: This chapter analyses what happens when one finishes the five-year program at La Esmeralda.

FRIDA CANO-6 Autorretrato de influencias

Chapeter 7: This chapter was added after failing the thesis exam. It re-states the goals of this project and presents the signed letters that stipulates why this thesis was not approved.

*Two months later, I presented the thesis again, this time utilizing a Power Point presentation instead of a video projection. The thesis was approved without any more complications. Many students attended this second exam showing their support to the project that contains their ideas and experiences.

FRIDA CANO-7 Autorretrato de influencias

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  1. Hola! También estoy estudiando el currículum oculto en escuelas primarias en Chile, me encantaría saber del marco teórico que usaste para tu tesis?

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